Shared Mailing Solutions

The Buy Local Chesapeake shared mailing program is our flagship marketing solutions allowing businesses to reach thousands of customers in locally targeted areas across Talbot and Queen Anne’s counties. Envelopes containing strategically designed two-sided, full-color advertisements are mailed throughout the local mid-shore counties as a unique highly cost effective marketing solutions catering only to small businesses.

Each area is uniquely different allowing your advertisers to market a wide variety of products or services depending upon the territory or season. At Buy Local Chesapeake, we always encourage our advertisers to think “outside-of-the-box” by creating a marketing customized to the location, full of incentives and information for that territory. Furthermore, we always encourage our clients to grow your customer base by advertising in areas they may have never done before.

Our Buy Local Chesapeake programs offer a cost-effective marketing solution not comporable to any other our local market. The shared direct mail solutions allows businesses to reach thousands of potential clients for only 8 ~ 13 cents per household. Nothing else delivers a tangible, familiar and trusted marketing piece directly to customers.


Buy Local Chesapeake Shared Mailing Program Territories


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Benefits of a shared Direct Mail Campaign
  • Highly Targeted

Shared direct mail programs allow you to pick and choose why territory fits your products and budget. Advertisers can market in trusted familiar areas or expand their client base to new outside of market areas

  • Tangible

Shared direct mail programs offer a hard copy of your advertisement for readers to use when they are ready unlike expendable, quick impression media often found on the internet and email.

  • Familiar

The United State Post Office system is one of the oldest forms of marketing still in existence. Mailbox holders have received trusted information from advertisers large and small for decades.

  • Cost-Effective

Shared direct mail programs provide thousands of quality impressions at the most affordable rates. Targeting specific areas with high saturation lead to above average return rates and short term gross sales.